World Oshukai Federation starts karate instruction in Vietnam.🇻🇳

The World Oshukai Federation has agreed to collaborate with the Vietnam International Martial Arts Academy to provide instruction and train instructors in Okinawan traditional karate.

On February 27th, in Hanoi, Vietnam, Master Kenyu Chinen, the president of the World Oshukai Federation, met with Dang Tam Thuan, CEO of the Vietnam International Martial Arts Academy, and its board members. They reached an agreement to collaborate through the Academy to provide instruction and instructor training in Okinawan traditional karate with the goal of promoting Okinawan karate in Vietnam.

This is the first time that Okinawan traditional karate will be introduced as a formal education program in Vietnam. Thuan CEO commented, “We want to incorporate the techniques and philosophy of Okinawan traditional karate into our martial arts education.”

The Vietnam International Martial Arts Academy was established in 2015 as a combat sports training center with the aim of developing Vietnam’s traditional martial arts culture. As of 2022, the academy has graduated 36,750 students, who have found employment in government and military-related organizations, security, and educational institutions.

Currently, the Academy operates in 32 locations, including major cities throughout Vietnam, and the number of centers is still expanding.

President Kenyu Chinen commented, “I strongly expect that the techniques and philosophy of Okinawan karate, which are part of Okinawan culture, will penetrate Vietnam, and that both countries will further deepen their exchanges, develop and grow as human beings.”

The agreement was quickly reported in national newspapers in Vietnam.

As part of the plan for this year, the Association will travel to Okinawa to provide karate training to individuals who will become instructors. Afterwards, they will continue to build a long-term, sustainable system for traditional karate instruction throughout Vietnam.