Okinawa is the birthplace of karate and traditional karate kobudo, which have been handed down from our predecessors since time immemorial in the Ryukyu Kingdom, and are now widely used as unique traditional cultural heritage. In this context, we inherit traditional Okinawan karate kobudo historical heritage, We believe that the unique culture of karate kobudo is one of the most effective means of stimulating international exchange in Okinawa, and for the world to discover the value of Okinawa. About 40 years ago I went to Europe alone, and in 1979 I established the World Oshukai Federation in France. With unshaken resolve, we have continued to spread our message without losing ground.This idea has now spread all over the world, and now it has grown into a large international network with 6,000 members in dozens of countries, mainly in Europe, South America, Canada (North America), and Africa. There is a spirit of harmony contained in Okinawan traditional karate kobudo. Here, the covert (shinobi) methods, based upon the path of martial arts taught to us by Matsumura Sokon of the Shuri-te school (Shurite-Bushi Matsumura Sokon), serves the purpose of producing strong people who, even within foreign cultures, shine remarkably. This valuable Okinawan martial arts tradition is a praiseworthy culture. I believe that it is possible to cultivate human capacity to cope with severe changes in the international environment. In addition, I believe that the concept of national borders will disappear in the future. Under these circumstances, the aim of the World Oshukai Federation is to take pride in the traditional culture fostered by our predecessors, to promote friendly exchanges with other countries, and to foster a globally accepted human capacity for peace through training.Through practitioners’ connections to traditional culture, they devote themselves to individual development every day and nurture world-class human capital. In order to realize these ideas, I decided to establish a headquarters here in Okinawa, the sacred place where karate originated. In conclusion, while promoting and developing the historical succession of traditional Okinawan karate kobudo, we hope that each member will be useful as a member of society by preserving karate and kobudo for human beings.

World Oshukai Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karatedo Kobudo Federation President Kenyu Chinen

World Committee Administration

Sohonbu Okinawa Dojo