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We can provide the following services.

  1. Private and Group Lessons
  2. Online Instruciton
  3. Employee Training Services
  4. Performance and Demonstrations
  5. Training for various types of employees

We also accept private group lessons for karate.

The number of ParticipantsPriceTime
1 person(private lesson)5,000yen1hour
2-9 people4,000yen/person1hour
10+ people3,000yen/person1hour
Participate our usual training3,000yen/person1hour
*Please note that we cannot refund the instruction fee after it is paid. The Price is including tax fees.

Please feel free to contact us using our contact page. Contact English : Instructor, Kouhei Oshiro

Operating Company Overview
Company name: W.O.F Okinawa 【W.O.F OKINAWA CO.,LTD.】
Location: #901-0241 Okinawa Toyomigusuku 39-5 Okinawa Karate Hotel Iolite 202
Establishment: October 2018
Director: Chairman Chinen Kenyu
Representative: Yasuo Yamada

Only for Oshukai official members