Karate Demonstration on 23rd




On October 23rd, a charity event was held at Palette Kumoji Mae Square in Naha City, and we members of Okinawa Dojo also performed in the demonstration❗️✨

This is the first time that we’ve focused on Katakumi Waza and Bunkai decomposition.
and challenged with everyone ❗>

Despite the bad weather, many people gathered together, and everyone worked hard with the energy to blow away the rain and wind!🔥

The audience also heard voices saying, “I’ve never seen such a performance before,” and “I understood the meaning of the Kata and saw it with interest.” 🥋☺️

And today, October 25th is Karate Day🙌
We were able to celebrate this day by performing martial arts together.
It was even more valuable experience.✨

in March and August next year
The International Oshukai Seminar is coming soon!
Using this experience and lesson,
We will continue to study❗️

To everyone who supported us,
Thank you!